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You've arrived at the support page for ARRL's Arduino for Ham Radio by Glen Popiel, KW5GP. Here you will find PDF files for the sketches and libraries that you can print out and study, as well as the sketch and library files themselves for use with the Arduino projects in this book.

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HamShield kickstarter 900MHz explorer block openaps intel edison lora RFM95PW RFM95 APRS ham radio amateur radio. HamShield kickstarter 900MHz explorer block openaps intel edison lora RFM95PW RFM95 APRS ham radio amateur radio. Skip to content Now with improved packet radio performance! Turn your Arduino into a powerful radio transceiver.

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Amazing Arduino Ham Radio Projects. A selection of the best amateur radio projects based on Arduino. 48936. A selection of 9 amazing DIY Arduino Ham Radio projects. Arduino as an SDR. M0XPD. Setting up the Arduino DUE to run as an SDR software defined radio . Arduino automated antenna switch.


/25/2018. as to mcu's applications in ham radio / RF, I did a few:

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HamShield for Arduino (VHF/UHF transceiver) Project We Love Seattle, WA Hardware $117,194. pledged of $25,000 goal 778 As the community writes more Arduino sketches, this radio toolbox will grow. What will you write? Contained within these ranges are three Ham Radio bands: 2 meter (144-148 MHz), 1. 25 meter (220-225 MHz), and 70

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Amateur Radio, arduino, arduino hacks, arps, ham radio, hamshield, packet radio, radio hacks, shield, transceiver Commenti disabilitati su HamShield Puts Your Arduino On The Radio Anybody can grab a USB TV tuner card and start monitoring the airwaves, but to get into the real meat of radio you’ll need your amateur radio license.

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1/25/2014This book is for the radio operator that knows nothing about Arduino but wants to learn while building useful Ham radio projects. The introduction chapters are very well written and should help even a novice in the world of electronics and microcontrollers learn how to build projects and write code using the Arduino platform.

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Cheap and easy to build digital modes USB interface for Ham Radio. The DuinoVOX Arduino powered digital modes USB interface for ham radio. I wanted a better computer to radio interface than what I was using, straight connection from the computers audio jacks.

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Brittany KF8IJZ received an Arduino kit with many sensors and addons for Christmas and is starting to get familiar with the microcontroller and its capabilities. Mark KR6ZY joins us to answer the fundamental question of “What is Arduino?” We talk through some fundamentals and some practical examples of projects one can complete with an

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0/29/2014I’ve ordered a new book, Arduino for Ham Radio, written by Glen Popiel (KW5GP). I figured it could be a good source for project ideas since I’ve already begun work on an Arduino Weather Station that will also be relaying to the APRS network.

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/11/2015 environment with self contained, inter-communicating microprocessors. Arduino / Raspberry Pi DAQ and IOT Applications include ham radio, robotics, weather stations, model railroading, toys and more.

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Figure 1. Some Arduino boards. Flash Memory. Flash memory is the memory that is used to store your program code. If you look at Table 1, you’ll see that the most popular Arduino boards (Uno and Nano) only have 32K of memory for your program.

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/7/2013Let us revisit Arduino and make a silly project. A very simple one day project using LM35 temperature sensor and an LCD display to show the temperature. The LM35 can be used to sense temperature from -55 Celsius to +150 Celsius.

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ARDUINO HISTORY Colombian student Hernando Barragn created the Wiring development platform as his Master's thesis project in 2004 at the Interaction Design Institute Ivreain Ivrea, Italy.